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About February 23, 2008

img_1446.jpgI want this blog to touch the heart as well as the mind. I want to restart you thinking about biblical principles and how they apply to your everyday life and your devotional life. My purpose is to get you  to read the Bible for you to read the Bible for yourself and look to historic Christianity to help you figure out what it means.  Please scroll down categories on the side-bar for verse-by- verse lessons from books in the Bible.

I want to introduce you to others who have believed these same things. One category is Introductions.

Drop by often!


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Margaret Says:


    I’m glad I came across your web site. I tried making a comment on your November 4 post, but that link seems dead. Nothing happens when it is clicked. Then, when I went to your “About” page, I saw an opportunity to submit a comment. You might have to make an adjustment in some of your preferences to enable comments on each post.

    Any way, I like what you are writing — common sense, down-to-earth gospel and comments on what God is telling us in His word. So many seem unable to realize God’s grace and intimate love in their personal lives. Hopefully, what you post will open their hearts and minds. Thank you for posting.


  2. Margaret Says:


    I check in on your web site every once in awhile and enjoy what you share….. Today I enjoyed “Rahab’s Mystery”….. It is so wondrous how God works in our hearts….. It doesn’t matter who we are, God loves each and every one of us…

    One thing I thought of on your post about Rahab is that she is also mentioned in Matthew 1:5 — “and to Salmon was born Boaz by Rahab; and to Boaz was born Obed by Ruth, and to Obed, Jesse.”….. Both Rahab and Ruth were foreign women, who became included in the lineage of our Savior, Jesus Christ….. God certainly is no respecter of persons.

    Thank you for sharing. It still looks like a person can only comment by coming to your “About” page….. Maybe that’s the way you want it….. 🙂


  3. womenembracingfaith Says:

    Margaret, Thanks for adding this important detail about Rehab. It just goes to show how God’s plan of salvation was there all along and how faithful he has been to bring it about.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Carol Brandt, I love and miss you. I am praying for your family.
    You are loved.


  5. womenembracingfaith Says:

    Hi Lesa,
    I love you and miss you too. Don’t forget to email me those questions you talked about.

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