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Independence Day Memory July 2, 2010

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Remember our national anthem..”O Say, can  you see?”   I sang that every morning after our Bible reading and prayer in my Florida public school classroom until I graduated from high school.  Francis Scott Key wrote it during the war of 1812.  He also wrote this beautiful hymn:

“Lord, with glowing heart I’d praise Thee, For the bliss Thy love bestows,

For the pard’ning grace that saves me, And the peace that from it flows;

Help, O God, my weak endeavor; This dull soul to rapture raise;

Thou must light the flame, or never…  Can my love be warm’d to praise.

Praise, my soul the God that sought thee,  Wretched wand’rer far astray,

Found thee lost,  and kindly brought thee   From the paths of death away:

Praise, with love’s devoutest feeling,  Him who saw thy guilt-born fear.

And, the light of hope revealing, Bade the blood-stain’d cross appear.”

Oh my, Key was a Christian.  He could write about doctrinal matters, and love for God in the same poem.    I’m very thankful we had the freedom in our schools to know about him as I grew up.  Then, I heard this song when I was in my forties….Scroll categories to “Introductions” for names of others who could blend reformed Christian teachings with matters of the heart and life experiences. God Bless America.


April 27, 2010

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Reading ML-J

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This picture was taken sometime in the 80’s.  I loved those early years of reading Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.  You can google him and read his devotions.  These were my first two collies.  My children were in lower elementary school.  I still have this book, and think it’s about time I read it again.


This Year’s Introductions December 29, 2009

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Isn’t it nice to meet new people?  Since I live in “paradise,”  my circle of acquaintances is always in flux.  People come here from all over the world.  It enriches us; gives a new perspective.

This year I’ve  introduced you to four people who can help as you think about the meaning of scripture.  That done, you can then apply it readily to your own circumstances and also stir up your love for God (and other people!)  You’ll be amazed at how this way of reading the Bible lifts your heart and makes your life so much more enjoyable.  First, get what it says right, then get it meaning, then apply it to how you think, act, do.  Lastly, let that meaning roll around in your mind until your awe and love for God wells up.  Then your love for others will spill over.  It is mind first, then will, then emotions. Never in reverse, or worse yet, skip the mind part! These guys can help you do it.  I can too!

Walter Chantry–editor of  Banner of Truth Magazine and author of several books.  He is short and to the point.  Almost crisp.  He gives you sweeping views of biblical truth while applying it with piercing accuracy.  Look him up at http://www.banneroftruth.org      or     http://www.cvbbs.com

Roger Ellsworth–pastor of Parkview Church in Jackson, Tn.  He has written more than 30 books which in simple language explain and apply scriptures verse by verse.  His explanations make you think; his applications stir your emotions.  Find his books at rogerellsworth.com            or cvbbs.com.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones–pastor of Westminister Chapel in London 1939-1968.  His sermons continue to be published and will help you understand the particular context and general biblical principles behind that portion of scripture.  Reading him changed my world-view and my life.  Access him at www. ml-j.org    or    http://www.cvbbs.com.

Ernest C. Reisinger–my pastor and mentor.  He was on the governing board of  Banner of  Truth from 1968-1984.  His books are available at http://www.cvbbs.com.  I helped him edit some of  them.  His gift was in spotting the potential for trouble and exposing it without flinching.  http://www.cvbbs.com   or     http://www.founders.org    are the best places to find him.

Now here’s the rub.  Introductions can lead to no where.  Sometimes new people move here who have their nose up in the air, (intent on looking down it), ready to change everything about our community.  They don’t like the food; they have more money to spend than we do; they think we are stupid, lazy, and uneducated!  Ten winters are about as long as they stay around.  No one really lets them in.

Pastors Reisinger, Chantry, Lloyd-Jones, and Ellsworth are not like that.  They all have pastoral hearts.  Let them into your circle of  friends. They will enrich your spiritual life.


Praise to the King September 8, 2009

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The main point of Walter Chantry‘s book, Habbakuk, (cvbbs.org) is that we are to keep on praising God–even if what we are seeing is His justice on display as He disciplines the western church and punishes those who have rejected Him and His ways in our culture.  Praise is your key rather than fretting about what you fear is coming.  Europe and China and even Latin America may end up owning America….but you are to think like a Christian and watch in wonder as God displays His wrath (settled anger) against those who have opposed Him.  We are to stand amazed at His power yet expect His mercy within that anger against sin.  Habbakuk wrote a prayer for us all to sing (see the last chapter in the prophet’s book).  He learned to expect and look for mercy…”In wrath, remember mercy.”

God has a remnant who will keep on believing and will always see His mercy and deliverance.  A remnant is like a little bit of left-over cloth. ( I used to buy a remnant to sew a pillow or even a dress. )  The image is a little bit torn off the bolt.  That little bit is always shown mercy in the midst of God’s wrath toward others.  Look for His mercy to you and your children and grandchildren even as you watch current events wondering about their end and praising God for His sovernighty over the nations.  After all, He is our glorious King.

“O LORD, I have heard Your speech and was afraid;

O LORD, revive Your work in thye midst of the years!

In the midst of the years make it known:

In wrath remember mercy.” Habakkuk 3:1

“And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever –the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him; but you know Him, for He dwells with you and will be in you.  I will not leave you orophans;…” John 14:16-18


Some Help For Troubling Times August 26, 2009

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Walter Chantry writes briefly and to the point. He is plain and simple. He is also serious. He edits BANNER OF TRUTH MAGAZINE and most of his books are published by BANNER OF TRUTH TRUST. I recently cleaned out my library and discovered that most of the books I treasure now were published by BANNER over the years. They are the ones I’m not willing to toss out as I downsize and simplify.

Another connection I have with Walter Chantry is his mentor, Ernie Reisinger. As my pastor, he encouraged me to teach and write. Ernie wrote the preface for my OLD PATHS FOR LITTLE FEET (carolbrandt.net) and gently led me into a reformed interpretation of the Bible. Ernie was largely responsible for BANNER OF TRUTH TRUST opening an American distribution center and office. And he was one of the founding leaders of the church where Chantry was pastor for 39 years.

HABAKKUK will help you get thru these demoralizing political times. I know many of you are anxious about these things as you raise your children or babysit your grandchildren. What will their future be like? Will America or England or Scotland or Western Civilization survive? Are we going to totally lose our culture and its Christian heritage?

“In the Scripture, God’s severe correction of his sons has even come during times when there lived saints with outstanding measures of grace. Yet he did not use their gifts to revive. As Habakkuk spoke of his dread of Babylon’s crushing blows to Judah, still to come, he was speaking of times in which not only he, but also Jeremiah, Daniel and Ezekiel lived. Yet their prayers and their faithful ministries were not employed in quickly accomplishing a revival that prevented severe chastisement.” (p. 42)

Go to http:cvbbs.com/inventory. This link to Cumberland Valley Bible Book Store will enable you to buy HABAKKUK for $6.95.


A Summer Read July 8, 2009

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As I’ve said before, I love the rhythm of slowing down for the summer months. It is so hot here from July to October that you’d better slow down! I’d like to introduce you to a good summer read and also to the publisher, Banner of Truth.

Walter Chantry has written a short book explaining three Psalms that point to Christ. The book is easy to read. His exposition is simple, direct, and applicable for both devotion and everyday life.

The three Psalms are Psalm 2, 110, and 45. They are all about the return of Jesus Christ as the conquering King. All nations will bow before Him. His judgment against all unbelievers will be sure and final.
(We hear Isaiah’s descriptions, and remember the historical events that pictured the fall of the nations.) Jesus comes, not only as King, but as the loving Bridegroom, to sweep the Bride off her feet and take her to live with Him forever. It is the ultimate summer romance! We, the Bride, are to be watching and waiting for our lover to come for us.

I hope you will enjoy this book and return to these three Psalms many times when there is winter in your soul.

Order Praises For the King of Kings at http://www.cvbbs.com or http://www.banneroftruth.org