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Halloween and Reformation Sunday October 31, 2010

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We had so much fun with halloween when our girls were growing up. I wasn’t much on sewing or spending much money on costumes, but we tried to be creative with sheets, of course, and masks and hats. It was a day for everyone to pretend.In elementary school, we moved on to the school carnival–running auctions, games, etc., butall involving the whole family. Oh, how I hated making those pumpkin cookies for kindergarten class!!I’m so thankful for the memories now.

I’m also thankful for the day Martin Luther nailed his 23 ideas on the Catholic Church door in Germany in 1513. Now, you know, I’m really a historian at heart. History is what my education and school teaching was all about. But, this is even more about spiritual things and Christian history. I’ve been so blessed by what came out of the Reformation he started that day. Even more blessed than byour fun on halloween.

Luther started a “discussion” of ideas that resulted in the good newsl being made more clear to everyone–that salvationwas by faith alone.Faith isoursteadfast beliefthat Jesus’s perfect life–His righteousness–was the only thing that could evererase thecondemnation due us because of our sin. The key words arealone andonly. Luther had read the first five chapters of Romans! Sadly, the Catholic Church would not accept this, and has not changed any of their views about it since, so we have a great split in the Christian traditions. Reformation Sunday celebrates his courage and this good news that Jesus is the One promised from the beginning.

I’m blessed because God has given me this faith, and I don’t need to add anything else to it–no ceremony I can attend, no good deeds for my community, no amount of church work, no amount of sacrifice….just faith in the work of Christ Jesus–his perfect life, death, burial, and resurrection— tobe enough to cover all my sins.

Blessings and fun memories to think about……


Halloween or Reformation Day? October 31, 2008

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October 31 is one of the biggest days for Christians to remember. In 1517, Martin Lurther, a German monk, nailed his ideas on a church door.  The printing press was the new way to communicate.  So his ideas soon spread and led to a great revival of God’s truth and the emergence of Protestant churches.  What resulted were five principles of scripture that were easy to understand and teach. They are:

Scripture Alone—2 Timothy 3:14-17

Christ Alone—I Timothy 2:5-6

Faith Alone—Romans 3:20-25

Grace Alone—Ephesians 2:8-10

To the Glory of God Alone—Ephesians 1:1-6

Halloween can be a lot of fun and a good time for families to “Play” together.  Children love to pretend and parents need to find ways to stimulate their imaginations.  I found that Family Play Days were a way to bind us all together and get the children to listen to us later when we decided to teach something.  Enjoy those play moments!

But, don’t leave out these five great biblical principles.  Tell them some stories about Martin Luther or John Calvin, or the Christians who died so these principles could be passed on to us.  Do you know and believe them yourself?

What if there had never been a Reformation?  Would the sovereignty of God in salvation have been smothered over another two or three hundred years?  How different would America have been without these principles? Something to think upon.  Happy Halloween.