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Summer Thoughts June 13, 2011

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It is important to remember that getting the main point from a scripture passage enables us to apply that book or passage correctly. Application gives life to these old words. The Holy Spirit uses these principles like a sword to pierce deeply into our thoughts, hearts, bodies–our very essence. Let’s meditate on some practical implications from the books we’ve studied together: Galatians, Philippians, Isaiah. Some thoughtful reviewing never hurts….

Every period in life has its tribulations. Each day has enough for us to deal with. That is why we’re encouraged not to worry about tomorrow, but to ask God to take care of us today…Give us this day what we need. What do you need today to stand firmly together as Galatians and Philippians encourage us to do?

Personal joy in the midst of your trials?

This kind of joy comes only from our relating with a loving and faithful Father. If you are seeking this unique joy, think about what kind of Father God is….. He powerfully created this beautiful world for us to enjoy….and he sustains and keeps it all holding together in spite of Satan’s prowling around and the sin that weighs down upon us all. He has provided a wonderful Savior and a righteousness to us that we do not deserve or earn….just a free gift. ” Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name in all the earth, as it is in heaven.” Someday the whole earth will sing for joy as God redeems his creation–buys it back and, in justice, purifies it from all sin and its consequences. What a day of rejoicing that will be! Just thinking about it can give us joy during very bad everyday problems. “Rejoice in the Lord, and again I say, rejoice,” Paul urged. He did not mean “think positively about your problems.” That might be helpful at one level, but spiritual joy is different. It comes with relating.

This kind of thinking about rejoicing in spite of today’s problems is one way to stand firm together. Help someone to do that today.