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Noah’s Ark October 5, 2010

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Did you know that the ark had three floors?  It was about the size of a soccer field or a football field.  It is estimated it could have held as many as 50,000 animals.

These interesting little details don’t help much if you don’t really believe there was a real world-wide flood.  If you look at Genesis as just an ethnic folk tale…..cute for kid’s rooms and learning about the animals.  Ask yourself:  Is it true or not?

Another thing to think about is the Bible’s use of symbols or types. The ark is a symbol of Christ.  Just as Noah and his family  were saved from the flood, we are saved by being “in Christ.” Noah’s story is all about GRACE–his finding unmerited favor with God and thus escaping the judgment of God against everyone else.  Of course, God was patient, waiting for people to turn from their sins as Noah built the ark and preached to them.

Teach your children the whole story:  Grace, Judgment, Repentance., faith.. Put the story in the big picture–salvation provided through faith in Christ Jesus alone. This is the good news–the gospel of grace.  Think about that.