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Pre-School To Lower Elementary Story Bible May 27, 2010

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Parents and Grandparents:  I would like to recommend you buy several copies of The Big Picture Story Bible (David Helm and Gail Schoonmaker, Crossway Books, 2004).  The text is an accurate summary of the Bible around the theme of Jesus as the promised “forever King.”  They show how Jesus taught the apostles how to see pictures of this promise all through Old Testament.  (See pages 405-411).

“Do you see the Lord?  Painted on the pages of Israel’s hard and happy history is the big picture of God’s forever king” (p.410-411).

I would recommend you show your child these pages when reading each Part (their name for chapter.)  That way the Reformed Christian view of unity of the Old and New Testaments is made most clear from the beginning.

Helms also adds a great explanation of  how the New Testament centers around this same theme of  looking at Jesus as the Forever King:  

“God knew what to do for his people!  God chose some of Jesus’ special followers to write letters to complete God’s holy book.  These letters told God’s people: ‘Remember, hold on to the message.  Keep believing, Jesus! Love one another like family.  Forgive one another.  Be careful! Don’t let people trick you.  Run away from sin.  Endure hardship.  and look for Jesus’ return” (Helm, p. 432).

The pictures are large and inviting. It is divided into short “parts” that are easily connected to the main theme Forever King.  I think this book would make great presents for young mothers, grandmothers, and Sunday School teachers. It is also an excellent tool for those of us who need a good summary of the Bible for ourselves to read quickly and easily.  So young readers in the 4th-5th grade level would also benefit.

This children’s book should help those who read this blog understand more clearly the perspective I’m taking coming from and trying to get across.  You can order at  www.christianbooks.com

 Happy Summer Reading!