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Let Them Be Children January 26, 2010

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Sometimes  your plans for kids just don’t work!  Then you have to grab the moment and do the best you can.

That’s what happened to me on Sunday.  My well-planned main idea and its applications just did not fly.  The kids were restless and undisciplined.  “Whatever happened to self-discipline?” I thought.

My lesson on Luke 4 of Jesus not being accepted in his hometown because they just refused to believe the plain teaching of the Bible just never connected.  Maybe it was because they ate the sugared snacks between church and Sunday School; maybe it was the age range of 4-10; maybe I’m just not a good disciplinian.  Whatever. It will happen to you too.

I finally gave up on making my point about obeying the plain teachings of the Bible.  Instead, I said, “If I didn’t love you kids so much, I’d probably quit teaching you.  But, I love you at least somewhat like Jesus loves you–with steady love. I’m not going to stop that either!”  Then we sang all verses of “Jesus Loves Me” and went out on the playground.

The Teaching Tip is Sometimes your best laid plans just won’t work.  But, no child will hear the good news that God loves them and saves them if you do not delight, once in awhile, in their mere childishness.  They are children, after all.


A Father’s Smile, Hand, and Heart

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I often quote Martyn Lloyd-Jones, a London pastor who was Reformed and believed in applying the Bible to everyday experiences.  He used to read the Puritans.  I’m sure he must have read the following quote from Samuel Rutherford, a Scottish Puritan.  I hope it helps you see our Father’s smile of understanding and compassion on whatever your circumstances are right now . (See blog for Jan. 5, 2010.)

“I pray you learn to be worthy of his pains who correcteth; and let him wring, and be ye washed; for he hath a Father’s heart, and a Father’s hand, who is training you up, and making you meet for the high hall.”