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Expect Revival September 27, 2009

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Thinking like a Christian is what this blog is all about.

Try hard to think like a Christian no matter what comes your way.  To do that you will have to read the Bible and be honest about what it says.  The Bible isn’t really all that complicated.  Some religious leaders try to make it so.  That is just a power play.  But, if you read the Bible in your own language–the way your culture today uses that language–it really is plain and simple.

The Protestant Reformation in the 1500’s and all the evanglical revivals since have been about this very thing–getting the Bible into the hands of the people in their language.  Try reading the new English Standard Version and see what I mean. You might be revived again!  Refreshed by a strange stirring of your heart with truth you haven’t really seen before.  Order one at http://www.cvbbs.com for about a buck.

I’ll add some pictures soon when I can figure out how.  My grandchildren and collie dog are all fine,  and I am getting older each day.  The summer has now become too long.  We Floridians are waiting impatiently for a cool change in the air which should come any day now.

Keep reading your Bible and trying to think like a Christian.  Expect the Holy Spirit to sweep across your heart like a refreshing fall breeze.  Look for it.

“…you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you…” (Acts 1:8)