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TEACHING TIP #1 June 23, 2009

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We all have increased opportunities for influencing children during these summer months. Make sure you connect with them by using words as they do. This is particularly important for grandmothers, like me, who might be a “little” out of touch.

Here is an example of a failure to connect:
Sunday I was telling the story of Jacob and Esau to ages pre-K through 3rd grade. My application was that telling a lie and deceiving our parents destroyed families and relationships. But, when we do lie, we need to remember that Jesus is our Savior, tell the truth, ask His forgiveness, and trust in His righteousness in place of our sin. So in explaining this, I said, “If you ever lie like Jacob did, then flee to Jesus.”

“Flea?” responded a smart bilingual boy. “Flea?”

In the midst of other questions more focused on Esau’s reaction to Jacob’s lie, I’m not sure I made clear my point of running to Jesus in repentance and faith!



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