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From Visualization To Principles October 25, 2008

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You must be able to think in images to get at Isaiah’s meaning. No, it isn’t about having visions!This skill of visualization is why your English teacher kept making you work on metaphors and similes. Remember? Now we want to take visualization a step further. To let the snapshot help us understand the Biblical principle Isaiah is getting at. It is all about thinking skills. Using our heads to understand more of the Christian viewpoint.

Scroll back to the last blog. Reread Isaiah 2:1-5. Don’t confuse this by imposing your end-times view on it! Instead, picture a crowd of diverse people going into the presence of God, seeking to learn and apply His ways. Peace prevails.

With that picture in mind, think about some foundational teachings in the Bible. Things you can easily tell stories about to pre-schoolers. Like:
We are to look to God for how to live and what to believe.(Jonah)
One day there will be a great judgment against sin.(Noah and Flood)
One day peace and righteousness will be restored to all of God’s creation. There will be no more sin!(Adam and Eve)

See how easy this thinking is? The next step is to apply it to yourself:
Do I look to the Bible to show me how to live and what to believe or do I go by what others say and do?
Do I have a healthy respect for the justice of God and His intolerance for sin?
Am I looking forward and hanging in there until a time of peace and restoration?

Under my blogroll, clink Old Paths For Little Feet. Click Coaching Bible Skills, Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 will give you addition help with this essential Bible Skill.


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