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Children’s Bible Stories And Bible Themes September 10, 2008

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Let’s have some straight talk. If you think of “Noah’s Ark” and “Daniel in the Lion’s Den” as myths or Jewish cultural traditions, we’re not on the same page. If you look at the Bible as just some books gathered together by some religious men and cloaked in authority and rituals, we are a long way apart. I look at it as truth from God. I hope your journey will bring you to that opinion too.

There are so many details you could include when telling Daniel’s stories. But, if you look at them all, the main theme is that God takes care of His children. Try to focus on that theme instead of just relating many details or going off on some tangent. Instead, use the details to emphasize the theme. Benjamin, my grandson, got all interested in spears when he saw a picture of Daniel being thrown into the den. I am using that interest to ingrain in him that God will take care of him too.

Now Benjamin is not ready to ask the question: “Who are God’s children?” His children are all those who joyfully embrace the truth that God’s purposes are that His justice and His moral purity are fulfilled in Christ Jesus alone. That is the sweeping foundational truth under all these children stories we retell.

I wonder what Daniel’s mother was like. How did she tell him about God’s purposes and Moses and Joshua? He seemed to be pretty sure that God would take care of him and save him in this life and the next. Will your children know that too?